Award Winners 2016

Award Winners

Oklahoma Chapter Planning Awards

The Oklahoma Chapter Planning Awards honor outstanding overall plans, best practices, and individual's efforts throughout Oklahoma.

2016 Award Winners

Oklahoma APA is happy to announce the 2016 Winners! Awards Presentation

Outstanding Public Outreach, Program, Project, Tool, Community Initiative
Infrastructure Recovery and Implementation Plan
Awarded to the City of Moore. After Moore’s devastating tornado of 2013, a professional team gathered to assess damage and prioritize where the limited disaster recovery funding
should go. Through public meetings, workshops, surveys, and planning efforts, the Infrastructure Recovery and Implementation Plan identified public infrastructure improvements which will enhance the future resiliency of the City of Moore and the quality of life for its citizens.

Consultants included: Cardinal Engineering, Lemke Land Surveying, TAP Architecture, TDA Consulting

Strong Neighborhoods Initiative (Outstanding Community Initiative)
Awarded to the City of Oklahoma City. The City of Oklahoma City developed the Strong Neighborhoods Initiative to help revitalize struggling neighborhoods through physical, social, and economic investments. Three neighborhoods were chosen, information was gathered, and an implementation plan was developed with goals, strategies, and timeframes. Projects were chosen in visible locations that would catalyze market confidence and investment. Since implementation, there has been a steady increase in private investment in all three neighborhoods.

Outstanding Plan
planokc – The Comprehensive Plan for Oklahoma City
Awarded to the City of Oklahoma City.  Oklahoma City’s first new plan since 1977, planOKC was developed in-house by City planners, with consultant support for topic-specific studies and surveys. The plan used a sophisticated fiscal model to evaluate development patterns and a highly interactive website to engage citizens. Three future growth scenarios were presented with bottom line cost differences that allowed the community to pick the most efficient and sustainable option. The plan provides long range policy direction for land use,
transportation, economic development, housing, public services, and natural and cultural resources. 

Consultants included: Sasaki, RDG, ECONorthwest, Fregonese Associates, Economic & Planning Systems, Wallace Roberts & Todd

Outstanding Student Project
See Sand Springs
Awarded to Kasey St. John, student at the University of Oklahoma, Tulsa. Kasey used her Master’s thesis project to create an economic development and marketing plan for the City
of Sand Springs. Her project resulted in a new economic development website and implementation action plan with measurable economic goals for such things as workforce development and a business incubator program.

Great Public Space
Oklahoma Civic Center Lawns
Awarded to the City of Oklahoma City. The Civic Center Lawn unites public buildings and creates an attractive campus for play and socializing and for festivals and other large scale events. Its design honors the surrounding Art Deco architecture and the historical uses of the site, and, as a natural extension of the OKC Art Museum, it provides a space for public art installations.

Outstanding Community Initiative

Outstanding Project

Great Public Space