Award Winners 2017

Award Winners

Oklahoma Chapter Planning Awards

The Oklahoma Chapter Planning Awards honor outstanding overall plans, best practices, and individual's efforts throughout Oklahoma.

2017 Award Winners

Oklahoma APA is happy to announce the 2017 Winners! Read the press release.


Great Public Space

Outstanding Public Outreach, Program, Project, Tool, Community Initiative

Women of the Northeast Oklahoma City Photovoice Project
OU Regional and City Planning - Dr. John Harris - Gina Sofola - Vanessa Morrison - Eyakem Gulilat
OU RCPL staff and students created a photovoice project to allow women of color that lived within areas of Northeast Oklahoma City where disinvestment and neglect were common to voice their concerns in hopes of raising awareness with stakeholders. The project became the catalyst to start the dialogue needed and allowed stakeholders to gain a better understanding, and provided a way for these women to be heard. Since the opening of the exhibit, both private and public stakeholders visited and started dialogue regarding next steps with these women.

Outstanding Citizen Planner

Outstanding Citizen Planner
Ashley Terry, Wheeler District, Oklahoma City
Ms. Terry has worked over the last several years promoting innovative planning such as density and strong urban development within Oklahoma City’s core. She was the project lead for PARK(ing) Day in Oklahoma City for 2014 and 2015. Ms. Terry oversaw and encouraged businesses and organizations to take part in this national day of converting a parking space into a park. Ms. Terry also served on the Board of Directors for the H&8th and Plaza District. Ms. Terry currently works for the Wheeler District where she oversees various placemaking efforts. Ms. Terry stated that she works to initiate change in Oklahoma City at a grassroots level by organizing volunteer efforts focusing on placemaking, walkability, and access to public space.

Great Public Space

Great Public Space
Reinventing Military Park as a Community Asset
City of Oklahoma City
Military Park is located within the Military Park Neighborhood within the Asian District, and was one of the smallest and most underutilized parks within Oklahoma City. The park was transformed from having a playground, swing set, and benches to having improvements that were inspired by the architectural styles from Vietnam. Improvements such as boulders, bridges, stage areas, a pyramidal children’s play area, and monuments that were dedicated to the United States and Vietnam relationship during the Vietnam War.

L: Ashley Terry  R: Susan Connors

L: Susan Atkinson  R: Susan Connors