CM Accredited Trainings

Information on AICP Certification Maintenance can be found on the OKAPA website and National APA website.

Certification Maintenance Training Opportunities

How to Earn CM Credits 

Earn CM Credits At Your Desk
APA's new Digital Capture service is a great way to earn CM credits. The service lets you listen to web-based tutorials while following along with PowerPoint presentations. Choose from nearly 200 sessions on topics that include transportation, the federal stimulus package, ethics, climate change, and urban design.

Free APA Events for CM Credit
APA provides many opportunities to log CM credits free - on-line. Tuesdays at APA (see below) is one of these opportunities.
Other opportunities can be found on this APA web page:

Search for other CM activities:

All professional development activities must be approved and registered to be eligible for CM credit and recorded into your online CM log.

How to Claim and Record CM Credits

Please visit the Certification Maintenance section to claim your credits. You may use the following steps:

  1. Login using your APA ID# and password
  2. Select My CM log
  3. Select Add Credits
  4. Under Browse, click on the option Distance Education and use the search box to locate the activity you are seeking by typing in the title of the activity To select, click on the name of the activity and a pop up box will appear. Please rate, add a comment (optional), and click on the Ethics statement and answer, before hitting SUBMIT

For assistance with your log, please send all inquiries to

Information on how to become a CM Provider.

CM Accredited Trainings